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A Page Menu Menu that clicks to pages

A Page Menu clicks into another page of the BEE Portal site.  To build a Page Menu site, all you need to do after creating the Portal Object and inserting the client scripts, is to put the appropriate Portal Object variable at the right place.

Information about the Portal Object variables can be found from the Object Reference.  Here we include some common ones:


You may want to provide a quick-jump menu to go to any page in one go, like this:

Quick Jump:
<select class="field" onChange="window.location = '${pt%Subpath}' + this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">
<bee value="{pt%MenuSelectOptionTags}">

Here are the facilities commonly used in a Page Portal site:

Variable Description
pt%ListMenu A ready-made HTML string presenting menu entries vertically
pt%PathMenu A ready-made HTML string presenting the menu path to the current entry horizontally
pt%PageBar A ready-made HTML string presenting a page bar containing all pages of the topic ({this%PageNumber} of them) with navigation arrows
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