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Portal Site BEE Portal Object Manual

"BEE Portal" is a set of tools and resources written in BEE to facilitate a web site for menu building, page organizing and virtual paging (creating and modifying pages interactively through IE6 browser).

This document is for BEE programmers, and when "you" is used, it means the programmer of the BEE Portal site.

The simplest form of a BEE Portal site is a one-page site.  The web site is set up to redirect all missing page access (403 and 404) to the home page (e.g. index.htm), where the Portal Object will work out whether such page access is available and display it if so (or display a default not-found message otherwise).  This is called Virtual Paging: Except for the home page, no other pages exist as a file in the web storage, but still, they look no different from "real" pages from the users' point of view.

If you look into the BEE source code of the home page, at the begining of the <head> section, the Portal Object and some utilities are included in.  At the begining of the <body> section, there is another include for some client scripts.  Then at the appropriate places, there appears the Portal Object variables such as the menu, the page bar, some forms (e.g. login and search) and some "if"s and "switch"es (e.g. member-only check and utility includes).  These are all that is needed for a BEE Portal site.

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