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PageInfo BEE Portal Object Manual

The Menu entry of the current page can be accessed via the PageInfo array of the Portal Object.  For example:

${pt%PageInfo:Name} - ${pt%PageInfo:Description}

The following PageInfo elements can be used:

Address A unique handle to the menu item.  For Page Menu Model, it contains the "subpage" part of the URL. 
Parent The "Address" of the parent item (blank for top level items)
Name The Topic Name appearing on the Menu
Description The Topic Description (usually one line).  It is usually shown when the mouse point is over the menu entry.
Page In an Action Menu, this contains the "subpage" part of the URL.  (Not used in a Page Menu.)
Param An optional parameter string (subject to the interpretation of the code in the web page).
AccessLevel Minimum access level (numeric) required to access the web page.
Now you have the basic idea or how a BEE Portal site works.  You can go on to the Page Menu Model or the Action Menu Model.  If you want more information about the Portal Object, you can go to Object Reference.
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