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Online Web Content Editing

To allow end users (web site owners) to update the web content is one of the major features that make BEE a class of its own.

The "content" of a business web site is a synthesis of effort contributed by many different people: art designers who put in beautiful graphics and background, operation staff who collect and enter business data, programmers who write programs to process and present raw data into useful information, and writers and individual business units who define the message they want to deliver to the visitors.

BEE Content Management focus on helping the last group of people, whom have been left out of the content cycle for too long.  Every time they need to change a piece of content or have a new message for the visitors, they need to rely on the web designers or programmers to do it for them.  BEE is going to turn this around, allowing the owner of the content to take control of their content directly on the web site with a browser, instead of waiting (and in most cases paying) other people to do it for them.



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