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What BEE can do for website owners

Imaging your website being as friendly as your Word document, which you can open, modify, add or remove pages at any time in a WYSIWYG manner.  This is the reality for websites running on BEE.

To take it further, you can update your website from anywhere on any computers.  All you need to do is to login with your admin password and open up the Text Edit Area (TEA) on your web page to modify it in the same way as you do Word document.  You can also modify site settings like colour, enquiry email addresses, or even the "site skin" (predesigned layout).  All are done at your own very same website.

To add a new page, all you do is to enter a new page address on your browser.  An new page will display with your main page as a template, except with the default content (e.g. "Under Construction" or like).  You can enter the new content in the same way (i.e. via TEA).  Since you choose your new page address, you can "deep link" from another website, without having to use an obscure and long URL address as you do with other web platforms.

If you have a multilevel navigation menu, BEE allows you to edit the menu item to click into any web pages (on your website or elsewhere).  You can assign privileges to some pages so that only logged in members can view them.

You can create the member password yourself or allow new members to sign up automatically.  You may also want to review their details before approving their password, or restrict their access to a time period.  These can all be tailored to your needs. 

To create adhoc data for shopping cart or other applications, you simply enter a pair of curly brackets like {price=9.95}.  This feature is called TEACUP - Text Edit Area Created and Updated Properties.  If you have a database with the website, you can put the data anywhere by inserting a pair of curly brackets like {price}.  This feature is called TEAPOT - Text Edit Area Presented Object Template.

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