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What BEE can do for website hosting providers

BEE is developed by a service provider (Accsoft) and would naturally contain features that make providers' life easier and cost lower.  For example, BEE is implemented with the most popular open source engines: Apache/PHP/MySQL.  As a result, BEE can run on both Linux and Windows.

A hosting provider will necessarily run multiple customer websites on a single physical web server.  The security among users on the same server is a major concern to the provider.  BEE allocates resources independently and separately to individual websites, and give full control of resource allocation to the provider instead of the programmer.

Resource "hook-up" cannot be done from the code (such feature is omitted from BEE delibrately to prevent "freedom of association" between websites and "out-of-bound" resources).  All resources are allocated by the provider from the platform.  This design provides an excellent security measure to the provider.

The centre of administration for a BEE web server is CROFT (Customer Resource Online Facility Tables - currently implemented with MySQL).  Without CROFT, BEE will not run.  Even in a single website environment, CROFT is still needed (but can be reduced to an ini file to reduce the burden of having to install a database engine).

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