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text System Class

n        text is an editable web page content.  It is saved to the web site permanently until changed.  The value in a "text" class variable is used by the "text" command to display the web page content.  If the visitor got Administrator access, an Edit Text icon will appear at the end of the text, which will click into the Text Edit Screen for online update.  The new content will be saved into the "text" class variable.

All these are done by the "text" command without accessing the "text" variable.  You usually access a "text" variable only if you want to process the content for some reason.  In the "text" command, only the name:item part of the variable needs to be specified.

Each web page got a "text" class of its own, to nicely separate text contents from each other.  If you want to refer to "text" variables for another page, you can use the file& part of the variable (e.g. text%/products/index.htm&headline).

There is a special scheme operation: "text%" without the name part.  This itself returns a list of names
in the "text" class.  In addition, it has a "side-effect" of loading all "text" values in the scheme file into "page%name:element".  That way, you can load all "text" class variables into a class (e.g. /product/index.htm%) under the Context in one go.  e.g. "var text%page&;".

You cannot clear a "text" variables (but you can set it to "").


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