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Variables What BEE can do for website developers

The distinctive feature of BEE is its variable structure of class%name:element.  Everything is array of strings (non-typed) and operations are performed largely through variable value expansion and conversion.

A web page is the result of a program-run.  It starts at the top of the page and ends at the bottom of it.  Carrying BEE variables across to the next page, whichever page it might be, can be simply achieved via the session% class variables.  Session variables are not cookies.  They are stored on the server for individual websites.

Site settings (e.g. layout attributes, enquiry address, and choice of site face etc) can be stored away from the code in the scheme% class, which is persistent until it is changed either programmatically or via the user admin site.

Other useful classes include form%, sys%, file%, upload%, debug%, and text% (for TEA, implemented as scheme% internally).  In fact, you can create your own classes.  User-defined classes are called "objects" in BEE, and come with inheritance and polymorphism, which is how object-orientedness is implemented.  (There is no distinctions between "classes" and "objects" in BEE's terminology.  They are both run-time instances.)

BEE defines a website as a URL path.  You can define server.com/sitea and server.com/siteb as two separate sites, and they will be absolutely separated on the platform as if they are running on two different virtual servers.  They will never be able to access each other's variables and environment, even running under the same server.com name.

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